Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Merax Complete Physique Crazy Match Vibration Platform Fitness Machine (Grey)

  • Merax 1000W Full Physique Crazy Match Vibration Platform Fitness Machine
  • Variants Of Speed Range and Strong Massage Vibration
  • Excellent for muscle toning, muscle creating, weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • Fitted with yoga straps to improve its possible for improving the upper body and arms
  • Simple-to-operate console with window show screens.
  • Excellent for muscle mass developing muscle tightening, fat loss and fat reduction
  • Fitted for enhancing prime of the physique and hands to improve its prospective
  • Straightforward To-run program with screen display displays.

The Merax 1000W Full-Body shake dish device has 50 pace amounts and a massive 1000W green quiet drive engine, providing an exceptional selection and efficient physical exercise to you.

What is the advantage
Increases muscle strength
Increases Metabolism
Improves Flow
Decreases Thread Veins
Increases physique thickness
Aids stability and coordination


3 A variety of Preset Programs
Alternatives Of Powerful Massage Shake and Speed Variety
Straightforward To-run system with screen display displays.
Overload protection that is recent
Disturbance electricity weight.
Fitted for enhancing prime of the body and hands to boost its possible
Retractable base could be employed preserve it healthy right after which to regulate the gear peak.


Max power: 1.five HP
Input voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Input Power: 1000 W
Speed Variety: 1-50
Amplitude: -13 MM
User Weight Capability: 300LBS
three LED windows for program, time and speed
3 Distinct Preset Applications
Dimensions: 27.five Inch L x 31.five Inch W x 48 Inch H
Shipping weight: Approx. 83 lbs

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