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DeskCycle Desk Exercising Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

  • Lowest pedal height available Only 10 Inches Can operate with desks as low as 27 Inches See description for specifics,Pedal arm Length:3 1/two inches
  • More than twice the resistance range of the other pedal exercisers 8 calibrated resistance settings from really effortless to a lot more than you require
  • Magnetic resistance supplies smooth, quiet pedal motion let’s you concentrate on your function and your co-workers focus on theirs
  • Same patented magnetic resistance mechanism and high good quality components as the MagneTrainer
  • five function show shows speed, time, distance calories and scan Online calorie calculator on site for quite correct calories burned

If you want to burn calories, enhance your health, mood and productivity while typing at your desk, then the DeskCycle is the bike for you. The DeskCycle was especially designed to be utilised in the work atmosphere. It has the identical patented magnetic resistance mechanism as in the MagneTrainer. This insures smooth and quiet operation. Smooth pedal motion is wholesome for your joints and won’t distract you from your function. Quiet operation insures that you will not disturb your coworkers. Other bikes use friction resistance which is not smooth and can be noisy. The DeskCycle has a reduced profile than the MagneTrainer. The pedals are 5 inches reduce than the MagneTrainer so that it will fit beneath desks greater. It could be used at a 27 inch desk by a particular person as tall as 5’7″. At this height you will require to push the cycle additional beneath your desk and extend your legs. You may possibly also need to have to decrease your chair. If you are taller, you will require a taller desk. The highest resistance level is twice as higher as the highest resistance setting of the Magneciser, and MagneCycle. At the lowest level it requires no effort to pedal it. The pedal motion is bidirectional, which means you can pedal it forward as well as in reverse. This lets you perform opposite muscle groups. It comes with the Big pedals with adjustable Velcro straps. It has 8 calibrated resistance levels. We also provide an on the internet calorie calculator on the desk-cycle website.

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