Recumbent Exercise Bikes With Moving Arms

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

  • Quiet magnetic resistance
  • Multi-function electronic screen with scan function paths space, calories, heart rate, speed, and work out time
  • Contains lower foot pedals to get a complete body work out and both upper hand pedals
  • Cushioned, comfy, adjustable seat
  • Angled back rest for additional relaxation, steel framework, Hardy

Target Your Complete Body
The Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike will need you on ride that is a more efficient, more powerful. The exercise bike additionally allows you to drive your pulse to peak amounts – bringing in the metabolism-boosting benefits of a heart- thumping on cardio routine.

The cushioned seat and seatback were created to put you in a semi-reclined position, letting you tone and strengthen all of the main muscles. To get a strenuous upper body work out, the Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike features rotating handlebars that work your arms, shoulders, while your hands pedal and back. You can even measure your progress and keep your motivation using the built in, battery powered electrical computer screen, which displays pulses per minute, calories burned, distance and speed.

Personalized Workouts
Stamina understands that no one knows the body as if you do, so we have assembled the Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike for easy and quick alterations. From intensity as well as the resistance of your ride to the place that is handrail, this stationary bike is yours to personalize. The fast-fix tension knob allows you to scale down your output signal, without interrupting your work out or pick any of eight resistance amounts to ramp up. As the heavy-weighted flywheel resistance and belt drive train was created for on the fly adjustments, smooth pedaling is maintained by the bike at any given setting.

Quicker Results
You are not in it merely for the pleasure as satisfying as cycling is. You are focused on reaching on your individual aims to get a stronger, more healthy body. The Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike can assist you to get to that healthy destination – quicker. Professional trainers count fixed cycling on the list of best low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing metabolism, suggesting the recumbent bike can in fact allow you to burn off fat and calories better. With decreased effect in your joints, recumbent bikes provide a lifelong kind of exercise.

Hint: In addition supplying a regular recumbent bicycle aerobic and lower-body work out this bike has rotating manages so back, shoulders, and arms might be worked out at the same time. A heavy-weighted flywheel- belt-drive and resistance train gives ensures smooth pedaling, and tension might be fixed to any of eight levels reduce or to increase strength without interrupting a work out. A battery-operated screen displays speed, space, time, calories and pulse, which will be measured by sensors in handrails beside the seat. Seatback and the seat are modeled and padded for comfort and flexible. The bike also offers a water bottle holder.

They provide the exact same aerobic benefits of riding a bike in just about any weather, anytime, without leaving security and the comfort of residence. The exercise bike is among the few that lets you watch television or read a magazine while you work out, while the same could be said to get quite a few other styles of home fitness equipment.

Exercising in a reclining or recumbent posture permits the consumer to possess full ergonomic back support, without causing strain on neck, the arms and shoulders, which could be common ramifications of utilizing an upright bicycle. For a lot of people, having convenient use of quality exercise equipment is important to sticking using a long term exercise plan.



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